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Final episode out


E1: The Resurrection

E2: Faculty of Humanities

E3: Acclimating to System Breaking Beneath Us

E4: Taking the Telescope Apart

E5: The Bullet

E6: Golden Repair

The Living Unliving Surveillance Poet

I have my own web series!

I am a dead tree, ascending from the waters below the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein’s cottage. My name is the Living Unliving Surveillance Poet and I am very interested in getting to know other species. Every full moon you can see a new episode released right here on my website.

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Are You Ready? at Bergen Fringe Festival

Are You Ready? at Bergen Fringe Festival

From the 2nd of September to the 5th of September, all seven episodes will be screened in a Mongolian yurt outside Corner Theatre in Bergen. Apropos Theater has invited Are You Ready? to come. In addition to the screening Apropos Theater will host a four-day UTOPI...

Climate Conference

What influence do you have as an artist, musician, or designer? This conference asked the students at KMD who want to explore what opportunities humans have to contribute positively to the green transformation. Art, music, and design have a significant impact on...

Episode 7; Yes

  How are you doing? Do you understand this project? I know it is easy to fall out and lose concentration. But please stay with me throughout the last episode. Discussing my two favorite verbs, cleaning and worlding. If you find that a bit scary, don’t… I am a caring...

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The Climate Futurist Manifesto

5. Climate Futurism is the end of all capitalisms.