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The All Ready

Episode 2:

Faculty of Humanities


E1: The Resurrection

E2: Faculty of Humanities

The Living Unliving Surveillance Poet

I have my own web series!

I am a dead tree, ascending from the waters below the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein’s cottage. My name is the Living Unliving Surveillance Poet and I am very interested in getting to know other species. Every full moon you can see a new episode released right here on my website.

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Primal Therapy

Since humanity left the savannahs, we have acted as the aggressive rulers of the earth, despite our physical inferiority to nature. Up to now, we have been succeeding through our technology and intelligence. Throughout history, myths and fables are building on the...

Long nights and wondrous stories

My dear fellow friends, since we last spoke days have been spent looking for the Faculty of Humanities. It started by me hailing a taxi and ended up on the dancefloor. I´m not in your inbox to tell you how it is going to end. Hell no, I came to tell you how it will...

Things said about the moon

'The moon is the object of scientific study, but it is also above all the domain of the imagination. Humans looks up and makes up stories: nearly all cultures have myths, gods or rituals associated with the moon –Life is enriched by the ideas of how the moon affects...

Bruise Magazine on Are You Ready?

Are you ready Television? by MALOU SOLFJELD A tree has been soaked in the philosophy of Wittgenstein for decades, learning a new language to be able to speak with humans. In the online TV-channel,, we follow the conversation between Wittgenstein’s...

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The Climate Futurist Manifesto

3. Climate Futurism is goodbye to crisis and war.