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The All Ready


Published December 2, 2021
by Frans Jacobi

an exhibition at Small Projects in Tromsø

December 4th to 19th

The exhibition Cosmology at Small Projects presents the hybrid tv-series Are You Ready? with a special focus on the cosmological thought-system behind the project.

Are You Ready? is a tale of a dead pine-tree coming alive as The Living Unliving Surveillance Poet. Now speaking, the Poet travels the human societies, wondering what the hell is happening. Every full moon it reports back to the forest, summing up the surveillance.

This exhibition presents:
All 7 episodes of the tv-series shown simultaneously.
A textile map containing the cosmological horizon of the project.
A series of posters with thoughtful one-liners.
A series of conversation-cards to be used as starting points for urgent discussions.

As a whole the project Are You Ready? is an attempt by the artists Gitte Sætre & Frans Jacobi to grasp and connect to the ongoing expansion of consciousness, caused by the climate crisis. By engaging in an ethical discussion with a talking tree, The Living Unliving Surveillance Poet, the artists are expanding their sensibility towards other beings. Little by little this expansion changes their perception and ways of living.

The exhibition Cosmology is part of the second season of Are You Ready? entitled Hybrids. Due to covid-19 the first season evolved almost entirely online. The second season now celebrates the physical, relational moment with a series of LIVE-events; episode 1 was a performance at Emergency Room in Copenhagen, episode 2 was a discussion with invited guests at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo and episode 3 will now be an exhibition at Small Projects in Tromsø.

Supported by: Kulturrådet, Bergen Kommune, Fond for Lyd & Bilde, Statens Kunstfond Danmark, KMD/Universitet i Bergen, Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, BEK Bergen Elektronisk Senter.