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Are You Ready? at Bergen Fringe Festival

Published August 31, 2021
by Gitte Sætre

From the 2nd of September to the 5th of September, all seven episodes will be screened in a Mongolian yurt outside Corner Theatre in Bergen. Apropos Theater has invited Are You Ready? to come. In addition to the screening Apropos Theater will host a four-day UTOPI laboratory and perform a reading of Pope Francis’ letter LAUDATO SI.

The invitation goes out to artists, philosophers, anthropologists, teachers, students, and all of you who seek change and improvement for our planet. And the tent will function as a room for artistic activism, dialogue, and action. Together we will explore what opportunities we as artists and socially engaged people have.

A utopia is an imaginary place with an almost perfect social, legal, and political system or a fictional state of happiness. Apropos Theater uses utopia to think together, because Utopian thinking provides energy and direction in future development. Never has society faced a similar global situation as we do now. What are we doing? How do we create new ways of living together? Apropos Theater is a unique and distinctive theater company within performativity which explores theater as a platform for participation because nature, climate, and environmental crises calls for engagement

The Pope’s letter is an alternative ethical reference point for reflection on the diversity and seriousness of the ecological crisis. The letter reflects the latest conclusions from the UN Climate Panel in an accessible language. The report from the IPCC, published in October 2018 and August 2021, clearly expresses a need for new and significantly more effective measures in the fight against global warming is to succeed. The letter highlights a moral obligation to all of us about the earth’s inherent demands for ecological balance. Our human communities must be built on ecological democracy and citizenship. In this laboratory, we invite you to a profound reflection on the environmental state of the planet and a listening and creative presence.

The Are You Ready project is probably invited to participate since the project is part of a new cosmology called Climate Futurism. Depicting aspects of climate and environmental challenges. With enthusiasm and excitement, this cosmology meets the necessary change in consciousness inherent in the ongoing processes of the green transformation.

Where: At Kong Christian Fredriks plass 4- Corner Theater is the cultural heart of Møhlenpris. A production and exhibition house for the free performing arts field and a creative stage house for children and young people. Experience theater productions, dances, concerts and shows.