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The All Ready

Episode 7; Yes

Published May 25, 2021
by The Living Unliving Surveillance Poet


How are you doing?

Do you understand this project?

I know it is easy to fall out and lose concentration. But please stay with me throughout the last episode. Discussing my two favorite verbs, cleaning and worlding. If you find that a bit scary, don’t… I am a caring poet from the forest, believing in you. Your outstanding achievements are manifested with pathos in the 7th episode, Yes.  It premiered on the lunar eclipse of 2021—the date of the very rare and unique Super Blood Moon. 

Before jumping into the grand celebration, let’s look back at the last seven months. How it all started with the feeling of unrest and urge for some help. 

In episode 1, I resurrected from the water next to Ludwig Wittgenstein’s house and learned to speak. I traveled along the tangible and the intangible, calling for a green transformative change. In episode 2, Faculty of Humanities, the Migrant Car and I strolled through the city, engaging in de-colonialism, utopias, and critical thinking. And eventually ended up on the dance floor. I advanced my taste for friendship when I fell in love with the poet CAConrad in episode 3, Acclimating to Discomfort of the System Breaking Beneath Us. We learned how love can be a political concept of immense possibilities. In episode 4, Taking the Telescope Apart, I found myself in a lock-down as the rest of the world. A deep time of rearranging thoughts. It was challenging but essential for what was about to happen. In episode 5, Bullet, I turned into a bullet to help you break the barrier of fear and lack of self-confidence. We shot through the veil and broke the membrane of human blindness. In episode 6, Golden Repair, panic spread quickly, and memory transformed into expansive clarity. With a new pair of eyes, it was possible to simultaneously embrace the inner world and the outer world. A pearl of instant calming wisdom. 

In the new and last episode 7, Yes, we have broken through to the other side. The dark lovers of extraction are apologizing, withdrawing. Make sure you meet the ghost of Krishnamurti appearing on the wall of a cave. AND I get to sing a deep and intense song to celebrate the commune at Eurovision 2021. That is fun, let me tell you!

Oh dear friends, thank you for following this tour de horizon. Thank you for trusting me and not giving up on slow time and fast thinking. I am so happy that we together moved through actions and consequences and overcame the magnetism of the past. You became Ready and said Yes! Still, wisdom can at times feel hidden – trust yourself. You have traveled to the moon and back, so you can travel into your heart and out to the commune simultaneously. Just leave your phone behind. Things are only ok when they are ok:-)

Good luck!

I will miss you…


The Living Unliving Surveillance Poet