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The All Ready

Golden Repair

Published April 26, 2021
by The Living Unliving Surveillance Poet

I am proud of how I managed to turn myself into a bullet and crack the world open in the last episode of Are You Ready? I made the world enter a time of Golden Repair, and that is not bad!

Time is a tool to prevent you from destroying the planet entirely. But, of course, nothing of size goes down without drama… everything that was stored in bodies and minds went lost in a blink of a second when the doctor’s blade cut through my annual rings. In the room of operation, the doctors did what they know the best: they broke me into parts and pieces. An uttermost fucked-up situation it was. But then the collective traumas of the world were brought back more vital than ever before? Pain and suffering were no longer individually conceived. Emotions became a shared network- one major difference for the time of Golden Repair. As Ivar Jørde, the activist, says in the episode: We have to make a narrative for the future