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The All Ready

Love as a Political concept

Published January 23, 2021
by The Living Unliving Surveillance Poet

Dear The All Ready ready and the yet to come,

I must be in love – everything is vibrating and smells so strong.
Love happened on my mission to open up coexisting temporali­ties. Like vegan sharks, Ca Conrad and I danced in interspecies joy and companionship. We floated through the skies and transcended the trauma of nations. I am mesmerized by the power of playful ease Рsimply by just letting go. Oh dear humans, what a potential love has. The two artists, Frans and Gitte thought of love as a distraction from saving the planet. I told them otherwise. And in this episode, I talk about love as a political concept and its transformative force. I have been dead long enough Рit is time to shed some light around here.


The Living Unliving Surveillance Poet