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Primal Therapy

Published January 5, 2021
by Gitte Sætre

Since humanity left the savannahs, we have acted as the aggressive rulers of the earth, despite our physical inferiority to nature. Up to now, we have been succeeding through our technology and intelligence. Throughout history, myths and fables are building on the idea of ​​the small, but cunning (man) who defeats the great and strong (nature). It seems that man will not accept that the great strong Goliath can defeat the small and wise David. It is difficult for us to think that we can be defeated. Such a variation of the story is un-imaginable. It is a civilisational taboo, and it seems to be the reason for the ‘trauma of our species’. Even our fairytales were written to mediate this deepest of the deepest structural relations. The Environment and the Climate Crisis challenge the idea of ​​man as superior. The Living Unliving Surveillance Poet looks at the human need to tell stories and want to help treating the primal trauma of our species somehow. How can we acknowledge that we are part of a vulnerable ecosystem?