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Things said about the moon

Published December 17, 2020
by Gitte Sætre

‘The moon is the object of scientific study, but it is also above all the domain of the imagination. Humans looks up and makes up stories: nearly all cultures have myths, gods or rituals associated with the moon –Life is enriched by the ideas of how the moon affects the human body and psyche- the moon as a point of intersection between inner and outer space.

The ecological crisis on earth has led researchers to the conclusion that we are now in a new geological age, ‘the Anthropocene’, in which humans influence the Earth on a planetary scale. How can art capture the time of the planet, the deep time that transcends human comprehension?

As the only celestial body whose surface can be seen with the naked eye from earth, the moon has fascinated artists and writers for centuries. Its round white disc has been an open projection surface for myths, imaginings and dreams. When we look out into space, we also see ourselves – and the moon, as absolute otherness, becomes a mirror of the human. Here science and folklore, fiction and technology, existential searching and the urge towards economic expansion all meet.’

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.