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Bonus Material to episode 2: Who has the power to include?

Published December 17, 2020
by Frans Jacobi

In the episode 2 of Are You Ready? we saw Frans & Gitte going through a process of self reflection regarding the panel dicussion ‘Who has the power to include?’. This is the streaming documentation. The panel was initiated by Oi! Collecive and was moderated by Stina Ihle Amankwah. The panel was held during the Antiwar-Festival at USF Verftet in Bergen in september 2020. The critique is signed by Amber Ablett, Anna Ihle, Sara Rönnbäck, Idun Baltzersen, Anne Cecilie Lie, Lona Hansen and Hanan Benammar, and it will be published in the Spring 21 edition of the magazine Billedkunst.