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The All Ready

Performative Chant

Published December 9, 2020
by Gitte Sætre

The Living Unliving Surveillance Poet had a performance entitled ‘Yesterday and today the energy in the cosmos is extremely intensive (especially yesterday) to the point that it’s affecting our physical body, so’

The performatie chant interfered with the materialization of time and recited the beautiful phenomena of a city.

it took place in the evening of November 12th as part of The Latent City hosted by BEK at Bergen Kjøtt and was streamed online here. Furthermore it leed up to the PREMIERE of the first episode of the Are You Ready? series which was lauched the 30 of November 2020. The performance was realized with great help from Craig Wells, Omar E. Johnsson, Benedicte Clementsen and with technical support by BEK and Landmark.

One part of the chant went like this: ‘Systems, the systems are many. all created, working and decided upon. Systems are useful, in daily life and in crises. Helpful every day and ever-y night, for some. Systems, the systems are many. All created, working and decided upon.Taste the word commune.Say it with me: Commune. One more time: Commune. Say it like a celebration of your immense collaboration: Commune