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Published December 5, 2020
by The Living Unliving Surveillance Poet

Creating and sharing is a sensitive business for the soul. Creative overload can also be burdensome and knackering to watch. Therefore, we are so VERY VERY pleased to experience the immense joy of being well received. Only days after the premiere of the first episode organizations want to be partners of The All Ready Community.

The astonishing  Authors’ Climate Action is now on board together with: The Winter Office, Manifesta 13 les paralleles du sud, Sixtyeight Art Institute, BEK electronic arts, Extreme Weather Station, Ca Conrad,, Razan Hishim, Terje Drageseth, Bergen NÅ, Rødt, aNY TID,  Norwegian Climate Network, SJELSOM and Performance Art Bergen (PAB).

Climate Futurism is becoming louder and stronger every day. How exciting it is to build a community.