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Man on the Moon

Published June 21, 2020
by The Living Unliving Surveillance Poet

On the 12thof September 1962, the eyes of the world looked to the moon and the planets beyond. The goal was to land on the moon and return safely to the Earth. Today the goal is to make humans commit themselves to listen to the moon and commit to the wellbeing of life.

You spend a lot of time entertaining yourselves and learning from tv-series. And as a newcomer to your world, tv-series helps me to understand the complexity of your world. I have been watching the CROWN. In the 3rd season, 7th episode, ‘Moondust’ Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh finds him selves caught up in a personal mid-life crisis. Dissatisfied with what he has achieved in life – he find deep inspiration in the moon landing. It is an extremely well-told story about finding meaning in life.

The prince starts out believing happiness is only gained by extraordinary achievements. In the middle of the episode, there is a scene where he is sitting in a dialogue-circle with a middle-aged group of priests who had lost their spark and joy in life. The new revelations and insights the priests had hoped for had not happened, on the contrary. The Duke ridicules them. Man cannot just sit still, think, and talk. He refers to the astronauts for whom he has a deep admiration. They are not as catatonic as the priests. Oh No, they are busy doing something sensational. The actions of the astronauts mean that they are in harmony with the world, in harmony with their God, and thus experience happiness. The advice he passes on to the disoriented priests is to get inspired by the men of action. People like Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins have the answer he says. He despise them and name them: navel-gazing shortcoming who corrupt each other with doomsday prophecies. Later on, in the episode, the prince gets the chance to meet the astronauts in Buckingham Palace. His private conversation with the tree young boys ends up being a big disappointment to the prince. Their lack of ability to reflect upon their achievements on a global and philosophical level make him return to the priests. The Duke of Edinburgh become lifetime friends with them, and their dialogues become one of the most meaningful achievements in his life. What a true fairytale. I really loved this episode. The whole series teaches me so much about civilization.